Tuesday, May 17, 2011


In 1984 Wendy's hamburger chain came out with a brilliant television ad campaign.  It started with 3 little old ladies looking at an enormous hamburger bun and one of the ladies finally saying "Where's the beef"?.  The hamburger patty almost appeared to be a small dot on that large bun.  It was a brilliant ad that caught on like a wild fire.  Even children could be heard  around town yelling, "Where's the beef?" In my circle of family and friends the popular saying was used in a variety of situations where truth was questioned. 

Recently there has been a raging controversy about the USA's decision to not show death pictures of Osama ben Ladin. I hear many basically asking, "Where's the beef"?  They want to see the body.  But like the enormous bun and tiny patty, even seeing may not equate to the truth.  Twenty people can observe a crime and there will be different interpretations of the event, and truth.  Knowing this, I don't need to see the bullet riddled body.

However, there are many events in our nation and in the world that I can without a doubt see the beef.  I recently watched a modified townhall meeting where President Obama was answering questions from the assembled group.  One man spoke about struggling to fund the rising cost of gasoline. President Obama laughed and told him that he needed to purchase a new car that would get better gas mileage.  Mr. President my question to you is, what makes you think a person can purchase a new car during a time that they are struggling to purchase gasoline?  His comments were not presidential.  Mr. President, we now know where to find the beef and it is not with you.