Monday, April 4, 2011


Blogging has been a constant pastime for many people for years.  For me, it is a new adventure.  I am wondering when I will no longer enjoy surfing the blogs.  Sometimes I feel like I am intruding into a person's life and family. Blogs are sometimes painfully personal and some are trivial in their content.  And of course we have to admit that what is trivial to one person may not be to another. This morning I came across a site where the parent was sharing about the struggle to emotionally and physically survive a life threatening illness of their child. I clicked onto the next blog and it also was about an ill child and the next and next.  I soon realized that I was following a thread of parents sharing and finding support among other parents facing the possible death of their child.  Having experienced miscarriages and not the loss of a child after you have held him or her in your arms, I can only imagine the pain. Some of the entries on the sites ended last year with the going home of the child. Bless the heart of some parents that have maintained the site after their child's death so that they can continue to minister to other parents still in the fight. Most of these parents would never have met or been able to communicate with such a large number of families without meeting on blogs. 

There are untold numbers of family blogs that just make you smile.  They are sweet or rugged, and cultured or raw. They are wonderful! This morning while I should have been changing the linens I was surfing and read a mother's struggle to convince her young child that he needed to go to the nursery, which I am assuming is at church.  She listed all the possible solutions that she had tried that had failed. She talked about how the teachers did everything possible to make the child feel safe and comfortable.  She spoke with a teacher regarding her frustrations and everything that she had tried to solve the problem.  The teacher provided priceless advice.  "Pray for him.  Pray for him to have a brave heart."  Lissa shared that it worked! I couldn't help but think what a great prayer for any family. You can read about Lissa and her family at:  twoagainstone.blogspot



  1. Thanks again for a lovely post, Marty.

  2. Thank you for taking an interest in my post. This is advice I will cherish forever.

  3. Having a daughter that had life threatening seizures at birth that required CPR each time, I can relate.Fortunately, our daughter is now 13 and seizure free. Thanks to the amazing power of the prayers of God's wonderful people.
    God Bless!

  4. Jennifer, We have two grandchildren with serious disabilities. There are very few emergencies but the disabilities are permanent. These are precious children and we are blessed that God has entrusted them to us. And, praise God your daughter is seizure free!!