Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Blogging is new to me in all respects.  As well as posting several times weekly I am also following some other blogs that have a variety of focus.  One such blog is that of novel author Jody Hedlund.who shares her perspective on writing as a profession.  She is experiencing success with the  publication of, not her first book but her 4 book.  The other books were written but never published. She knew that these books of her labor were not publication material.  Today she writes about those years as necessary for her growth as an author and the time necessary for her to perfect her craft. She also shares that for some years she put away her writing and concentrated on her young family. However, as a person who loves the written word, I can be confident that everything she wrote during those years could bear witness to her potential future  as a professional author.

I don't have the luxury anymore to set my writing aside.  At 69 I may not be on the precipice of Alzheimer disease or even death.  However, I realize that every day is now more precious than ever.  And looking back I realize that some of my "writing" just wasn't all that good.  The ideas had value and probably was looked upon with favor from readers.  The skill and craft of writing was sub-standard and definitely not up to publication standards.  That is a humbling statement to make.  But knowing that and being able to share it may be why I can call myself an author. The ability to exercise self examination is a critical skill needed as a professional writer.

It is a fact that many people, writers and others, have always had great commitment and consistency about whatever they did.  I would hope that I could fit myself neatly into that group.  But now I must add some where along the way, contentment.  I can not be contented until my book is as God would want it to be and the best work that I am capable of completing.  Just this morning I reviewed a piece in the book that was written several years ago and had to say, "What was I thinking."  The heart and idea of the story was good, the writing skill was very bad.

Today I have to say, thank you Jesus, for input from other writers and for HIS revealing awareness.  And.....I pray that one day I can hold my completed book in my hand and be content that it is the very best I could write.    


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