Saturday, March 5, 2011

Now Is The Time!

My Dear Family, Friends and Author Colleagues: 

There is such a fine line between tooting your own horn and the realization that God is thrusting you into another life season. Examining this season I have finally come to realize that I am an author and also may be an author colleague to others in turn.  I have always had plenty to say about everything, much to the consternation of many.  Starting in Jr. High School teachers would often give directions to the class about how many pages or words their term paper must contain.  Then the teacher would give special instructions to me limiting the amount of content.  It is a documented fact that I have written many grants, which are not only a writing exercise but an exercise in human endurance.  In addition I have been the creator of many business brochures, forms and documents for myself for others. For many years a friend and I produced a weekly christian newsletter of our writings and we were blessed with a large distribution. 
The event that has finally forced me to create a blog is "THE BOOK", which is about 3-4 months to completion.  "Jesus to the Rescue", has been in the works for more years than I want to reveal. My experiences as a missionary at 2 separate rescue missions has been the inspiration for true stories about  men, women and children who meet Jesus and find their lives transformed forever.

I am asking you to take this journey with me as I complete the book and actively pursue a publisher who will catch the vision and want to share my stories with others.  The greatest fear of course is that no publisher will see my work as worthy and I will have to self publish. After reading blogs of other authors I realize it is not the most shameful thing that could happen but every author's dream is to have an agent and a contract with a publishing house. The greatest dream of all is to receive an advance payment for the book. Over the next 3-4 months I will be posting some excerpts from the book and also a sampling of some writings unrelated to Jesus to the Rescue.  But most of all I need your feed back as I swim the channel of publishing.  In turn, if you are a contemporary, perhaps we can share the swim.

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  1. Just get it done Marty. It WILL get published!!!