Friday, March 11, 2011

On The Wings Of Words

This morning I awoke to the news that there has been a devastating earthquake in Japan and accompanying tsunami in Japan, Hawaii and along the US western coast.  My spirit is disturbed because I have family and friends in Hawaii and California.  It is very difficult to be so far away in Michigan.  I know that in the physical I wouldn't be much help to any of them.  But, as many Christians, I am armed and dangerous.  Nothing is too big for my God.  I am also not so naive to think that just because I pray that no harm will ever come to my family, friends, or even myself.  And while this scenario is playing out, there is a friend in Wyoming keeping a vigil and watching as her husband struggles to fight for his life in the ICU.  My Jesus is able to be present at all of these events.  I can not imagine a life without Jesus.  How do people manage on their own?

As a writer all of these events are yeast for yet another story, article or a plan for a new writing piece. In my case it will be non fiction but I know that some fiction writers are on their computers this morning, or typewriter if that is their usual tool.  Somewhere today a fiction writer has found the missing piece to a story or character.  Only recently have I started reading fiction.  When I was about 12 years old I decided not to read fiction and became a steadfast researcher.  Fiction is just as revealing about our society as is non fiction.  I have observed that the frequent use of profanity started much earlier than I had thought.  I have been reading some fiction that was written in excess of 30 years ago.  Thirty years ago I didn't know one person that spoke with profanities in their every day conversations.  But, I am thinking that perhaps I must have lived under a rock because I am finding such language in the fiction books I am reading. Or has society  dramatically changed during the current generation?  Either way, I know that currently such language is common place and I find that to be sad.

A story is racing around in this brain and today sometime it will be committed to paper.  But most of all I will be in prayer for those people who raced to safety and for the families who are frantically searching for their missing loved ones.



  1. Yes, very sad indeed. So difficult to comprehend.

  2. It's great to see that your words are finally up in a blog!!