Thursday, March 17, 2011


The year was 2003 and the Mission's thrift store was a very special place.  Discipleship students came to work there several times a week where they learned to work with others and the public.  There also was a small army of volunteers and faithful employees.  So many things that happened there reminded us about the power of God in our personal lives and the lives of others.

One day I noticed a small book that came into Rescued Treasures Thrift Store as a donation.  The title "Guerrilla for Christ" really drew me to it.  The main character, Salu Daka Ndebele was a black Rhodesian who was associated with Youth with a Mission and worked in a drug rehabilitation center in the Peoples' Republic of Mosambizue.  He was arrested for distributing bibles during a campaign against the church and missionaries by the reigning Front for the Liberation of Mosambizue.  He was imprisoned and suffered from  inhuman conditions and brutality by the guards.  Pressure was put upon him to join the guerrillas in the fight against Ian Smikth but Salu Daka Ndebele refused to give in and decided to alone become a guerrilla for Christ.

As I read this I thought about our own Noel Trost.  This young girl came to work at Rescued Treasures during and right after graduation from high school.  Her tender spirit was evident to any that met her.  We had hoped to keep her with us.  She was a dependable worker but most of all she was bold to pray with customers.  Noel was always smiling and I thought of her as a great sunflower swaying in the sun.  As much as we wanted her to stay her heart was elsewhere.  Youth with a Mission called her name and she answered.  Her heart was in India.  Her first trip there was for only 6 weeks.  She then began to stay for longer periods of time before coming home for a much needed rest.  India was not a very safe place anymore.  India was not sure which side they wanted to be on after September 11th.  But.....I know that Noel was always anxious to get back to her new home, India.  I saw her briefly on one of her trips home and she had begun to look like those she served.  Had she been wearing the traditional clothing of India, I might have thought she was a visiting foreigner.  She glowed with the power of Jesus. Occasionally the Holy Spirit brings her name to my mind.  Noel is definitely a guerrilla for Christ.  India may not know it but we sent the best we had available to speak the precious name of Jesus.  We sent Noel.

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